Donate 1 hour of your life for refugees!

Are you eager to support the meaningful cause of Powercoders but are just too busy to volunteer? No problem! How about donating 1 hour in the form of your hourly wage? This way you sort of work for us for an hour without straining your calendar even further.
We are sincerely grateful for EVERY contribution, big or small, to give even more refugees & migrants a chance to get into the IT industry.
The number of the donation can of course be brought either up or down.

About the project of Powercoders:
People with a refugee or migration background often have difficult access to the labour market. At the same time, there is a shortage of skilled workers in the ICT sector. Powercoders combines these two challenges with one solution: an IT work integration program.
Powercoders trains refugees and migrants and places them in the IT industry with an integration program. As a door opener, the association thus offers many people who have so far been unable to make use of their talents and potential a chance to gain a foothold in the Swiss labour market and get away from social welfare.

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